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Animal Wallpaper

Introduction to Animal Wallpaper

The wondrous world of interior design has seen a plethora of trends come and go. Yet, one timeless trend that never ceases to amaze is the use of animal wallpaper. From the adorable depictions of puppies to the majestic portrayal of lions, animal murals offer an exciting way to add a unique touch to your spaces.

As a passionate decorator, I've found that the right wallpaper can completely transform a room. It can make a small space appear larger, a dark room brighter, and a dull area more vibrant. And when it comes to animal wallpapers, the possibilities are endless.

In this comprehensive guide, I'll walk you through everything you need to know about choosing the perfect animal wallpaper for your home. We'll explore the importance of picking the right wallpaper, delve into the most popular choices, and provide tips on applying animal wall murals.

Importance of Choosing the Right Wallpaper

Choosing the right wallpaper is crucial in creating the desired ambience in your space. It's not just about picking a design that catches your eye; it's about choosing a pattern that aligns with your personality, complements your home's architecture, and enhances your decor.

For example, if you're a nature lover, a jungle wallpaper might be just what you need to bring the outdoors into your home. If you're a pet lover, a cat or dog wallpaper could add a personal touch to your living room or bedroom. If you're decorating a child's room, a playful dinosaur wallpaper could inspire their imagination.

Remember, the right wall design can make or break your interior design. It's not just a decorative element; it's a reflection of you and your style.

History of Animal Wallpaper

Animal self adhesive wallpapers have been around for centuries. In ancient times, people used to decorate their walls with animal skins as a sign of hunting prowess or to pay homage to the gods. With the advent of paper in ancient China, artists began painting animals onto these surfaces, a precursor to the wallpapers we know today.

By the Victorian era, animal designs had become quite popular in wallpaper. Birds, dogs, and exotic creatures from the colonies adorned the walls of many a British home. This trend continued into the 20th century, with the advent of more affordable printing techniques, allowing for a wider range of animal designs and a broader audience for these wallpapers.

In recent years, the popularity of animal wall decor has surged again, with contemporary designers often using them in unexpected ways. From abstract representations of animals to hyper-realistic wildlife scenes, there's a style to suit every taste.


Popular Choices: An Overview of Animal Wallpaper

Animal wallpapers come in a vast array of designs, each with its unique charm. These can range from realistic wildlife wallpapers to abstract versions of animals.

Jungle and safari wallpapers are particularly popular, with their lush greenery and exotic animals. They're perfect for creating a serene and adventurous atmosphere in your living room or study.

For a more modern and stylish look, you could opt for geometric animal wall decorations. These feature animal outlines or silhouettes in a variety of colours and shapes. They're great for adding a contemporary twist to your space.

And let's remember the ever-popular bird wallpapers. From delicate hummingbirds to majestic peacocks, bird wallpapers offer a sense of freedom and beauty that's hard to resist.

Jungle and Safari Wallpapers: Bringing Wildlife Indoors

There's something magical about the jungle. The dense vegetation, the exotic wildlife, the sense of mystery and adventure - it's a world that many of us dream of exploring. And with jungle and safari wallpapers, you can bring a piece of that world into your home.

Jungle wallpapers often feature a variety of plants and animals, creating a vibrant and dynamic scene. They're ideal for adding a touch of nature and excitement to your spaces.

Safari wallpapers, on the other hand, tend to focus more on wildlife. They often depict animals like lions, elephants, zebras, and giraffes in their natural habitats. These wallpapers help create a sense of adventure and exploration in your rooms.

Whether you're a nature lover or an adventurer at heart, jungle and safari wallpapers are a fantastic way to bring the wildlife indoors.

Spotlight on Specific Animal Wallpapers

Dinosaur Wallpaper

Dinosaur wallpapers are a big hit, especially in kids' rooms. They inspire a sense of adventure and curiosity, making them perfect for sparking children's imaginations. Plus, there's a wide range of dinosaur wallpapers to choose from, from cute cartoon versions to realistic depictions of these prehistoric creatures.

Dog Wallpaper

Dog wallpapers are a great way to pay tribute to a man's best friend. They come in various styles, from cute illustrations of puppies to artistic renditions of different dog breeds. Whether you're a dog lover or appreciate their loyal and loving nature, dog wallpapers can add a warm and friendly touch to your space.

Rabbit Wallpaper

Rabbit wallpapers are another popular choice, especially for nurseries and children's rooms. They're often depicted as cute and fluffy creatures, symbolizing innocence and gentleness. Rabbit wallpaper can help create a soothing and pleasant atmosphere, perfect for encouraging sweet dreams.

Monkey Wallpaper

Monkey wallpapers are not just playful and fun; they are also symbolic of intelligence and curiosity. They are perfect for a child's room or a creative workspace. When choosing a monkey wallpaper, consider the type of monkey and the overall design. A jungle wallpaper with monkeys swinging from tree to tree can create a lively, adventurous atmosphere. On the other hand, a simpler design with a monkey motif can lend a more sophisticated touch to a space.

Cat Wallpaper

For the feline lovers, cat wallpapers are a perfect choice. They range from abstract patterns of cat silhouettes to realistic depictions of various cat breeds. If you're a fan of whimsy, consider a cat wallpaper with a touch of surrealism, such as cats floating in space or cats with butterfly wings, for a subtler look option for a small-scale cat pattern in a neutral colour palette.

Deer Wallpaper

Deer wallpapers can bring a touch of elegance and tranquillity to any room. With their gentle demeanour and graceful physique, deer are a beautiful motif for wallpapers. Choose a woodland-themed deer wallpaper to create a calming, nature-inspired ambience. Or, an option for a deer pattern with a modern twist, such as geometric deer heads or metallic deer silhouettes.

Elephant Wallpaper

Elephants are revered for their wisdom, strength, and loyalty. An elephant wallpaper can make a powerful statement in a room. From realistic wildlife wallpapers featuring majestic elephants to abstract elephant patterns, there are many designs to choose from. For a nursery, consider cute elephant wallpaper with a soft colour palette. If you're an admirer of the exotic, a safari wallpaper showcasing elephants in their natural habitat might be right up your alley.

Lion Wallpaper

Lion wallpapers are symbolic of courage and authority. They are a great choice if you want to infuse your space with a sense of power and regality. From the majestic mane of a male lion to the tender moment of a lioness with her cubs, lion wallpapers can be as dramatic or as subtle as you'd like.

Tiger Wallpaper

Tiger wallpapers can bring a touch of the exotic into your home. With their striking stripes and fierce gaze, tigers are a captivating sight. They are perfect for someone who wants to make a bold statement. Consider a wildlife wallpaper featuring a tiger in a lush jungle, or if you prefer something more abstract, a tiger stripe pattern can be a chic choice.

Bear Wallpaper

Bear wallpapers are versatile and can be a great fit for both rustic and contemporary interiors. From the raw power of a grizzly bear to the cuteness of a cartoon bear, there's a wide range of bear wallpapers to choose from. If you're decorating a nursery, consider a bear-themed nursery wallpaper with a softer, more playful design.

Buck Wallpaper

Buck wallpapers can add a touch of nobility and wilderness to your home. They can be a great focal point in a room. Choose from realistic depictions of bucks in their natural habitat, or opt for a stylized version with a touch of modernity.

Leopard Wall Design

If you're a fan of big cats, leopard design wallpaper can add a wild, untamed touch to your decor. Leopard prints are a classic choice and can add a splash of glamour to your space. You can go for a large-scale leopard print for a bold statement or a small, subtle leopard print for a more understated look.

Peacock Wallpaper

Peacock wallpapers are a testament to beauty and elegance. With their vibrant colours and majestic plumage, peacocks can add a touch of luxury to any room. Choose from a variety of designs, from realistic peacock wallpapers to abstract patterns inspired by peacock feathers.

Horse Wallpaper

Horse wallpapers can evoke a sense of freedom and adventure. Whether you prefer a realistic depiction of horses galloping in the wild or a more abstract horse pattern, there's a running horse wallpaper to suit your taste.

Giraffe Wallpaper

Giraffe wallpapers are a fun and unique choice. They can add a touch of whimsy and surprise to your decor. From realistic giraffe wallpapers that capture the beauty of these tall creatures to cute cartoon giraffe murals, there's a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Zebra Wallpaper

Zebra wallpapers are a great way to infuse a touch of the wild into your decor. The classic black and white zebra stripes can add a graphic, modern touch to your space. Whether you prefer a realistic zebra pattern or a more abstract interpretation, there's a zebra wallpaper to suit your style.

Flamingo Wallpaper

Flamingo wallpapers can add a pop of colour and a touch of fun to your decor. With their vibrant pink hue and quirky appearance, flamingos can cheer up any space. From a flock of flamingos on a beach to a stylized flamingo pattern, there are many designs to choose from.

Fox Wallpaper

Fox wallpapers can add a touch of charm and whimsy to your decor. With their fiery red coat and playful demeanour, foxes can liven up any space. Consider a woodland-themed fox wallpaper for a cosy, nature-inspired look.

Jaguar Wallpaper

Jaguar wallpapers can infuse your space with a sense of mystery and exoticism. With their beautiful markings and powerful presence, jaguars are a captivating sight. Choose from a variety of designs, from realistic wildlife wallpapers featuring jaguars to abstract jaguar patterns.

Parrot Wallpaper

Parrot wallpapers can add a splash of colour and tropical flair to your decor. With their vibrant feathers and playful nature, parrots can brighten up any space. Option for a tropical jungle wallpaper featuring parrots for a bold statement or a subtler parrot pattern for a more understated look.

Choosing the right animal removable wallpaper can transform your space and reflect your style. Whether you're a fan of the wild and exotic or prefer the cute and whimsical, there's an animal wallpaper out there for you. Take your time, explore different designs, and, most importantly, choose a wallpaper that brings you joy. Happy decorating!

Cartoon Animal Murals: A Fun Option for Kids' Rooms

Cartoon animal murals are a fun and playful option for children's rooms. They introduce kids to the animal kingdom in a light-hearted and imaginative way. From an underwater scene with colourful fish to a jungle adventure with friendly monkeys, cartoon animal murals can turn a child's room into a vibrant and exciting world of its own.

Nursery Wallpapers: Creating a Soothing Environment for Your Baby

When it comes to decorating a nursery, creating a calm and soothing environment should be your priority. And what better way to achieve that than with adorable nursery wallpaper? From cute rabbits to gentle elephants, nursery wallpapers can make your baby's room a comforting and delightful space.

Tips for Applying Animal Wallpaper

Applying wallpaper may seem daunting, but with a little preparation and patience, you can achieve a professional-looking finish. Here are some tips to help you use your animal wallpaper:

  • Measure your wall accurately. This will ensure you order the right amount of wallpaper and avoid unnecessary wastage.
  • Prepare your walls. Please make sure they're clean, smooth, and free from any paint or wallpaper remnants.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Each wallpaper may have different application methods, so it's important to read and follow the instructions provided.
  • Take your time. Rushing the process can lead to mistakes. Remember, it's better to do it right than to do it fast.

Which Rooms are Ideally Suited for Wallpaper with Animal Wall Designs?

While animal wallpapers can be used in any room, certain areas are particularly well-suited for them. The boys room wallpaper often features animals - from wild safari themes to cool marine life. These kids wallpaper not only kindles their imagination but also gives them a sense of being close to nature.

Next, the girls room wallpaper can also be adorned with various animal designs. Soft and fluffy bunnies, colourful birds, or even magical unicorns can add a whimsical touch to the room. The use of pastel colours in these designs often complements the typically lighter colour schemes in girls rooms.

Nurseries and play areas are another great place for animal-themed wallpapers. Cute and cuddly creatures in bright, cheerful colours can stimulate a baby's developing sight and provide a fun backdrop for older kids' playtime. Option for nursery wallpaper with large, simple animal shapes that are easy for little eyes to focus on.

What are Common Colours Found in Wallpapers Featuring Animal Themes?

Animal wallpapers come in a wide variety of colours. The most common ones include Black Wallpaper featuring silhouettes of animals, which can add a sophisticated touch to any room. Blue Wallpaper with marine life or birds is another popular choice, bringing a sense of calm and serenity.

Green Wallpaper featuring forest animals or jungle scenes can create a feeling of being in nature, while Grey Wallpaper with animal patterns can provide a subtle, modern look. Brown Wallpaper featuring woodland creatures or safari animals can add a rustic touch to a room.

For a more vibrant look, consider Orange Wallpaper with tropical birds or Pink Wallpaper with flamingos or butterflies. Purple Wallpaper featuring mythical creatures like unicorns or dragons can add a touch of magic, while Red Wallpaper with exotic animals can make a bold statement.

Turquoise Wallpaper with aquatic animals can create a refreshing, tropical vibe, and Yellow Wallpaper featuring sunny safari scenes or farm animals can brighten up any room. Multicolour Wallpaper with a variety of animals can add a fun, playful touch, while White Wallpaper with subtle animal patterns can create a clean, minimalist look.

Our Suggestions: Smart Design Ideas Using Animal-Themed Wallpaper

When it comes to using animal wallpapers, there are countless ways to incorporate them into your home decor. For a boys room wallpaper, consider a bold, adventurous design like a jungle scene or a marine life panorama. Pair this with simple, solid-coloured furniture to let the wallpaper be the star of the room.

For a girl's room wallpaper, consider something more delicate and whimsical - perhaps a woodland scene with cute forest animals or a pastel-coloured design with birds and butterflies. Complement this with white or light-coloured furniture for a soft, dreamy look.

In the nursery, there is an option for wallpaper with large, simple animal shapes in bright, contrasting colours. This can stimulate your baby's vision and can be easily updated as they grow older. For the play area, consider a fun, vibrant design like a farm scene or a wallpaper featuring their favourite animals.

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