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Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Introduction to Wallpaper and Wall Murals

Welcome to the world of wallpapers and wall murals, a magical universe where your walls speak volumes about your personality, taste, and creativity. Wallpapers and wall murals have a unique capability to instantly transform the aura of your room, making it a mirror of your soul. This blog will explore the depth of this transformative power and the many wallpaper options available in the market.

Once considered an old-fashioned decor element, wallpapers and wall murals have made a massive comeback in the design world. They offer an easy, affordable, and versatile way to add colour, pattern, and texture to walls. Irrespective of whether your style is minimalist or maximalist, there is a wallpaper or wall mural out there for you.

Before we delve further, let's clarify the difference between wallpaper and wall murals. Wallpaper murals is a material used to cover and decorate the interior walls. It can be a simple design or a multiplex design. On the other hand, a wall mural is a large-scale artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling, or other large permanent surfaces. It adds a dramatic and artistic touch to your space.

History of Wallpaper and Wall Murals

Wallpaper and wall murals have a fascinating history that spans centuries and continents. The concept of decorating walls with designs and patterns dates back to ancient Egypt and Rome, where murals were often painted directly onto the walls of palaces and tombs. The invention of paper during the Han Dynasty in China led to the development of the first wallpapers. These were hand-painted and featured beautiful, intricate designs.

The use of wallpapers spread to the West over time, with the adoption of block printing techniques in the Middle Ages. Europe saw a surge in wallpaper production during the Renaissance, as artists began to use woodcuts to make intricate designs. By the 18th century, wallpaper was becoming an essential part of home décor, with designs ranging from simple floral patterns to elaborate scenes that covered entire walls.

The 19th century saw the rise of machine-printed wallpapers, making them more affordable and widely available. The Industrial Revolution introduced steam-powered printing presses, which could print wallpaper faster and in larger quantities. This era saw the birth of some of the most iconic wallpaper designs, including the popular damask and toile patterns. Today, with advancements in digital printing, the possibilities for wallpaper and wall mural designs are limitless, with a myriad of options ranging from the traditional to the highly innovative.


  • Decorate Your Space with Wallpaper for the Walls
  • Various Types of Wallpapers: 3D, Flowers, Nature, Abstract, Spiritual
  • Which colour is best for wallpaper?
  • Which Rooms Best Accommodate Wallpaper and Wall Murals?
  • Can I Install Wallpaper Myself, or Do I Need a Professional?
  • Is Wallpaper Removable?
  • Tips to Install Wallpaper and Wall Murals

  • Decorate Your Space with Wallpaper for the Walls

    Designer Wallpaper for Living Room

    Wallpapers offer a fantastic way to make a distinctive style statement in your home's interior design. Whether you're looking to revamp a new space or refresh your current one, Giffywalls wallpaper designs are on-trend and add a touch of luxury to your surroundings. Our home murals transport you to tranquil vistas or swiftly immerse you in the whimsical charm of our children's textured wallpaper designs.

    Crafted with premium quality, our murals are simple to apply on any wall in your home. Furthermore, our online home wallpaper prices are budget-friendly, making shopping easy and hassle-free. So, let Giffywalls curated collection of designer murals for walls tell the captivating story of your home.

    Affordable Easy-To-Apply Wallpaper Murals


    Classic shapes, contemporary colours, and hand-painted patterns. No matter your style, you can transform any room in your home with our vinyl murals and wall wallpaper. We have chosen motifs from top international designers and illustrators to adorn your home's walls. Our wallpaper for walls designs are printed on high-quality material and delivered in an environmentally friendly cardboard box. Included is vinyl wallpaper for bedroom wall designs.

    Giffywalls creates a diverse range of Self Adhesive wallpaper and murals. All mural designs in India are of high quality and long-lasting. We deliver wallpaper throughout India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, Coimbatore, Gwalior, Jodhpur, Pune and Gandhinagar.

    Budget-Friendly, Simple-to-Install Wall Murals

    Experience a remarkable transformation in any space with our high-quality vinyl Wall Murals. Our extensive collection of large murals allows you to make a bold statement with ceiling-to-floor designs. Immerse yourself in a lush jungle or soar through the cosmos simply by stepping into the room! These once-exclusive interior designer products are now easily accessible, empowering you to create a stunning impact in your space.

    Our wallpaper murals will inspire you.

    Striped, large-patterned, solid-coloured, splattered, rustic, or multicolour home wallpaper. With the colours and patterns. We offer - and a little imagination - you can easily create a modern, one-of-a-kind Scandinavian environment. Discover our styles, colours, and mural motifs for homes and other interiors. Top designers create our one-of-a-kind luxury mural, including colourful murals. Our children wallpaper collection is simply adorable! We've got wallpaper for kids of all ages, from stars and rainbows to birds and butterflies.

    Every Room Needs Wallpaper Murals

    When styling public spaces, it cannot be easy to please everyone. Some people prefer a bright and colourful environment, while others prefer a light and harmonious one. Many people prefer cool colours and a cosy atmosphere, while others prefer warm colours and a cosy atmosphere. Are you looking to add some flair and personality to your living space? Our paper wallpaper is an easy, ambient way to personalize any room, regardless of style! With our vast selection, you'll be able to make something unique.

    There are colourfully mixed pattern motifs, clean Scandinavian lines, and unique, muted colours—wallpaper for offices, reception areas, display windows, hotels, and more.

    Interior Designer Wallpaper near me

    Interior designer wallpaper is a type of wallpaper that professional interior designers design. It usually features unique patterns, colours, and textures not typically found in regular wallpaper. The interior designer mural can create various looks and styles in a room, from bold and dramatic to subtle and understated.

    If you are looking for interior designer wallpaper near me, you may want to start by searching online for local interior design firms or wallpaper stores. Many interior designers and wallpaper retailers offer a wide selection of designer mural options from which you can choose.

    Additionally, you can check out online wallpaper stores like Giffywalls and Decorsafari, which offer various designer wallpaper options. You can browse their collections online and purchase the wallpaper that best fits your needs.

    Various Types of Wallpapers: 3D, Flowers, Nature, Abstract, Spiritual

    Diverse Wallpaper Designs for Every Style

    Wallpapers mirror individuals' unique preferences and styles, offering a broad spectrum of designs to suit various tastes. The most sought-after categories are 3D, floral, nature, abstract, and spiritual themes.

    3D Wallpapers: Depth and Dimension

    3D wallpapers present a contemporary and thrilling approach to wall decoration, introducing depth and an illusion of more space. This 3d wallpaper designs can transform your walls into dynamic vistas with geometric patterns or realistic scenes of landscapes and city views.

    Floral and Nature Wallpapers: Bringing the Outdoors In

    Floral and nature wallpaper is a perfect choice for those looking to infuse their living spaces with the essence of the outdoors. They lend a refreshing and serene vibe to any room, with designs ranging from subtle flower patterns to vibrant tropical scenes.

    Abstract Wallpapers: Bold and Artistic

    Abstract wallpaper caters to the artistic soul, featuring bold and imaginative designs. These wallpapers make a striking statement with their non-representational patterns, ideal for enhancing modern and contemporary interiors.

    Spiritual Wallpapers: Serenity and Sacredness

    Spiritual wallpaper encompass designs that reflect the beauty and tranquillity of various spiritual paths. With symbols, imagery, and scenes that evoke a sense of peace, they are ideal for creating a tranquil retreat for meditation or reflection.

    Which colour is best for wallpaper?

    The Elegance of Beige Wallpaper

    Beige colour wallpaper brings a serene and refined feel to any room. Its versatility complements a wide array of colours, serving as a subtle foundation for more dynamic furniture and decor.

    The Boldness of Black Wallpaper

    Opting for black wallpaper can create a striking effect, perfect for crafting a sophisticated and intense ambience. It's particularly effective in spacious rooms, ensuring the setting doesn't become overwhelming.

    The Calm of Blue Wallpaper

    Blue wallpaper is ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms, promoting a soothing and restful environment. Its association with serenity makes it a top choice for areas designed for relaxation.

    The Peacefulness of Green Wallpaper

    Green wallpaper introduces a refreshing and tranquil atmosphere, suitable for places of study or work. It encourages concentration and brings a touch of nature's tranquillity into the space.


    Warmth with Brown and Grey Wallpaper

    Neutral shades like brown and grey offer a cosy and inviting ambience, making them perfect for living areas. These colours provide a comforting warmth that welcomes relaxation and gatherings.

    The Vibrancy of Orange, Red, and Yellow Wallpaper

    Wallpapers in orange, red, and yellow hues inject energy and warmth, ideal for spaces like kitchens and dining areas where you aim to create an engaging and welcoming environment.

    Femininity and Playfulness with Pink and Purple Wallpaper

    Pink or purple wallpaper is an excellent choice for a room that exudes playfulness or a feminine charm. These colours can add a lively yet soft touch to any space.

    The Uniqueness of Turquoise and Multicolour Wallpaper

    To make a distinctive and bold statement, consider turquoise or multicolour wallpaper. These choices promise to add a dynamic and captivating flair to any room.

    The Timeless Appeal of White Wallpaper

    White wallpaper can transform any room into a bright and airy space, making it appear larger and more inviting. Its classic elegance is unmatched, providing a clean and fresh backdrop.

    Which Rooms Best Accommodate Wallpaper and Wall Murals?

    Bedroom Wallpaper: Enhancing Comfort and Style

    Bedroom wallpaper is vital in crafting a serene and inviting atmosphere. Choose calming shades such as blue or green and patterns that mirror your unique taste to foster a space of relaxation and peace.

    Living Room Wallpaper: Creating a Dynamic Focal Point

    Living room wallpaper offers a splendid opportunity to inject vibrancy and depth into your living space. Whether it's a bold feature wall that captivates attention or a subtle pattern that adds complexity without dominating, wallpaper can elevate your living room's aesthetic.

    Dining Room Wallpaper: Stimulating Social Interaction and Appetite

    Incorporate dining room wallpaper to enhance the dining experience with designs that encourage conversation and culinary enjoyment. Option for warm hues or motifs inspired by culinary themes to complement the dining ambience.

    Kitchen and Bathroom Wallpaper: Combining Functionality with Style

    Contrary to traditional views, kitchen and bathroom wallpaper is now viable due to advancements in material and design. Select wallpapers that can endure moisture and are easy to maintain, ensuring durability and style.

    Children's Room Wallpaper: Igniting Imagination and Play

    Transform kids rooms into a hub of adventure and creativity with playful and imaginative wallpaper designs. Wall murals featuring animals, nature, outer space, or superheroes can inspire young minds and brighten their spaces.

    Office Wallpaper: Personalizing Your Professional Environment

    Office wallpaper can significantly influence the look and feel of your workspace. Whether aiming for a professional demeanour or a touch of personal flair, wallpaper choices can reflect your professional identity and style preferences.

    Can I Install Wallpaper Myself, or Do I Need a Professional?

    The decision to install wallpaper yourself or hire a professional largely depends on your confidence in your DIY skills, the complexity of the wallpaper design, and your budget.

    Putting up wallpaper yourself can be an enjoyable and fulfilling task. You'll need to carefully measure and cut the wallpaper, apply adhesive, and ensure each strip is hung straight. It can be tricky, especially if you're working with patterned wallpaper that needs to match up, but with patience and precision, it's certainly achievable.

    However, you might consider hiring a professional if you're dealing with high ceilings, large rooms, or complex designs. A professional wallpaper installer has expertise and resources to manage any potential obstacles. ensuring a flawless finish. They can also save you time and potential frustration, mainly if it's your first-time installing wallpaper.

    Is Wallpaper Removable?

    Yes, modern bedroom wallpapers are often designed to be removable, which is a fantastic feature if you like to change your decor frequently, live in a rental, or just want the capability to adapt and evolve in the future.

    Removable wallpaper, or peelandstick wallpaper, is easy to install and remove. It adheres to the wall with a self-adhesive backing that can be peeled off without damaging it or leaving behind a sticky residue.

    Tips to Install Wallpaper and Wall Murals

    Choose the Right Design

    Selecting the right custom wallpaper for walls begins with identifying your style preference. Option for modern wallpaper that complements the theme of your room, mainly if you're focusing on wallpaper for bedroom walls. Consider the colour scheme and pattern size to ensure the design fits the space's aesthetic.

    Prepare Your Walls

    Preparation is key for a seamless installation. To make sure your walls are clean, dry, and smooth. Remove any old wallpaper and repair imperfections. This step is crucial for traditional and modern wallpaper to adhere properly and look flawless.

    Measure Accurately

    Accurately measure your wall space before ordering your custom wallpaper or wall mural. Add a few extra inches to your measurements for trimming. This ensures complete coverage without shortages.

    Use the Right Tools

    Equip yourself with the necessary tools for installation: a sharp utility knife, a smoothing tool, a level, and a measuring tape. Quality tools aid in achieving a professional-looking finish.

    Follow Manufacturer Instructions

    Each wallpaper brand may have specific instructions for application. Please read these carefully to understand the adhesive method, whether it's paste-the-wall, paste-the-paper, or peel-and-stick.

    Apply With Care

    Start from the top, aligning your wallpaper with the ceiling edge and corner of the wall. Smooth out air bubbles as you go, moving from the centre outward. This technique prevents wrinkles and ensures the wallpaper adheres smoothly.

    Trim Excess Material

    After application, trim any excess wallpaper at the bottom and along the edges for a neat finish. Use a straight edge and a sharp knife for precise cuts.

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