Jungle Wallpaper

Overview of Jungle Wallpaper

As an avid decorator and nature lover, I have found that one of the most exciting ways to bring the outdoors is through jungle wallpaper. This vibrant and expressive design choice can transform any room into a lush, vibrant space filled with hints of the wild and echoes of distant, exotic lands. The visual impact of the jungle mural is breathtaking, creating an immersive environment that is both energizing and soothing.

Jungle wallpaper is not just for the adventurous. It is a versatile design element that can suit various interior styles, from the contemporary to the classic, from the minimalist to the eclectic. It is not just about tropical scenes; jungle wall design encompasses a broad spectrum of designs inspired by various elements of nature, from flora and fauna to landscapes and seascapes.

The beauty of jungle wallpaper lies in its ability to bring nature into our homes directly and tangibly. It creates a natural oasis right within our living spaces. And in today's fast-paced, urbanized world, where we are increasingly disconnected from nature, this can be a genuinely refreshing and revitalizing thing.

History of Jungle Wallpaper

The journey of jungle wallpaper began in the late 18th century, during the era of Romanticism. This period saw a surge in the appreciation of nature and the exotic, leading to the advent of jungle-themed art and design elements. As more and more people embraced the charm of the natural world, the concept of jungle wall mural was born.

In the 19th century, wallpaper technology advanced, and the jungle theme gained popularity. The lush, dynamic prints created an exotic escape within one's home, a trend that only grew during the 20th century. Jungle wall designs evolved, incorporating a range of animals, plants, and other elements of the wilderness.

Today, jungle wallpaper is making a strong comeback. It has become a popular choice for homeowners looking to instil a sense of wonder, exploration, and connection to the natural world within their living space. From bold, vibrant designs to subtle, calming prints, jungle wall wallpaper has a rich history and an exciting future.


Different Types of Jungle-Themed Wallpapers

Forest Wallpaper

Forest wallpaper brings the depth and tranquillity of woodlands into your home. The towering trees, the play of light and shadow, and the verdant foliage all work together to create a sense of peace and calm. Forest mural can be particularly effective in rooms where you want to promote relaxation and reflection, such as the bedroom or study.

Mountain Wallpaper

Mountain wallpaper can be truly awe-inspiring. The majestic peaks, the vast skies, and the sense of height and space can make your rooms feel larger and more open. Mountain wallpaper is ideal for living and dining rooms where you want to create an expansive and uplifting atmosphere.

Landscape Wallpaper

Landscape wallpaper encompasses many natural scenes, from rolling hills and tranquil lakes to rugged coastlines and sweeping deserts. This type of wallpaper can bring a sense of depth and perspective to your rooms, making them feel more spacious and inviting. Landscape wallpaper is versatile and can work well in any room.

Sky Wallpaper

Sky wallpaper can add a sense of lightness and freedom to your rooms. The endless skies, shifting clouds, and radiant sunsets can make your rooms feel airy and uplifting. Sky wallpaper is perfect for rooms where you want to promote a sense of openness and inspiration, such as the office or studio.

Oceans Wallpaper

Oceans wallpaper brings the grandeur and mystery of the sea into your home. The rolling waves, the vast horizons, the vibrant marine life - all these elements can create a sense of depth and movement. Oceans wallpaper can be particularly effective in bathrooms and kitchens where you want to create a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere.

Lakes Wallpaper

Lakes wallpaper can create a sense of tranquillity and reflection in your rooms. The serene waters, lush shorelines, and peaceful sunsets can make your rooms feel calm and soothing. Lakes wallpaper is ideal for bedrooms and studies where you want to promote relaxation and contemplation.

Wildlife Wallpaper

Wildlife wallpaper adds a touch of the exotic and the wild to your rooms. The diverse animals, the vibrant colours, the dynamic scenes - these elements can create a sense of excitement and adventure. Wildlife wallpaper can be particularly effective in children's rooms and playrooms where you want to stimulate imagination and curiosity.

How to Choose the Perfect Jungle-Themed Wallpaper for Your Home

Choosing the perfect jungle-themed wallpaper for your home is a creative process involving several factors. First and foremost, think about your style and the mood you want to create in your rooms. Are you looking for something bold, vibrant, subtle, and soothing? Do you want a realistic depiction of nature or something more abstract and artistic?

Consider the size and layout of your rooms as well. Some designs can make small spaces feel more extensive and spacious, while others can add warmth and cosiness to large rooms. Also, consider the light conditions in your rooms. Some wallpapers can brighten dark spaces, while others can add depth and drama to brightly lit rooms.

Also, think about the existing decor and colour scheme in your rooms. The right jungle wall decor can complement and enhance your furniture, fixtures, and accessories, creating a cohesive and harmonious look.

Finally, consider the practical aspects. How easy is the wallpaper to install and maintain? Is it durable and resistant to wear and tear? And, of course, consider your budget. Jungle wallpaper is available at a wide range of prices, so you will surely find something that fits your budget.

How to Incorporate Jungle Wallpaper in Various Rooms

Incorporating jungle wallpaper in various rooms can be a fun and rewarding process. Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Bedroom Wallpaper: Option for soothing and tranquil designs, such as forest or lake wallpaper. These can promote relaxation and restful sleep.
  2. Living Room Wallpaper: Choose dramatic, inspiring designs like a mountain or sky wallpaper. These can create an uplifting and friendly atmosphere.
  3. Bathroom Wallpaper: Go for refreshing and invigorating designs, like ocean wallpaper. These can enhance the cleansing and rejuvenating experience of bathing.
  4. Dining Room Wallpaper: Consider vibrant and stimulating designs like wildlife wallpaper. These can stimulate appetite and conversation. 
  5. Kitchen Wallpaper: Think about bright, energetic designs like tropical jungle murals. These can invigorate your cooking and dining experience.
  6. Office Wallpaper: Choose inspiring and motivating designs like landscape or sky wallpaper. These office wallpaper can promote creativity and productivity.
  7. Restaurant Wallpaper: Option for appetizing and inviting room wallpaper designs, like fruit or vegetable-themed jungle wallpaper. These can enhance your customers' dining experience.
  8. Cafe Wallpaper: Consider cosy and relaxing designs, like a forest or lake cafe wallpaper. These can create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for your patrons.

Maintenance and Care for Your Jungle Wallpaper

Maintaining and caring for your jungle wallpaper is essential to preserve its beauty and longevity. Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Cleaning: Most wallpapers can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive tools, as these can damage the wallpaper.
  2. Protection: Protect your wallpaper from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and high humidity. These can cause fading, warping, or peeling.
  3. Repair: If your wallpaper gets damaged, repair it promptly. Small tears or holes can be fixed with wallpaper adhesive or repair patches. For more extensive damages, you may need to replace the affected section.
  4. Replacement: If your wallpaper becomes old or worn out, consider replacing it. This can refresh the look of your rooms and allow you to update your decor.

Creating a Complete Natural Oasis: Coordinating Decor and Furniture

Coordinate your decor and furniture with your jungle wallpaper to create a complete natural oasis. Here are some ideas.

  1. Colour Scheme: Echo the colours of your wallpaper in your furniture, textiles, and accessories. This can create a cohesive and harmonious look.
  2. Materials: Use natural materials, like wood, stone, or rattan, that complement your jungle mural. This can enhance the natural vibe of your rooms.
  3. Shapes: Incorporate shapes that mirror the elements in your style wallpaper, like leaf-shaped cushions or cloud-shaped lamps. This can add a playful and whimsical touch to your decor.
  4. Textures: Add textures that mimic the surfaces in your wallpaper, like fluffy rugs or knitted throws. This can add depth and interest to your decor.
  5. Artworks: Display artworks that reflect the themes in your wallpaper, like botanical prints or wildlife photos. This can reinforce the natural composition of your decor.

Where to Buy Jungle Wallpapers

There are many places where you can buy jungle wallpapers. Home decor stores, online retailers, and speciality wallpaper shops often carry many designs. It's also worth checking out independent artists and designers, who often offer unique and original wallpapers. And check out second-hand markets or vintage shops, where you might find hidden gems.

Is Jungle Wallpaper Suitable for Children's Rooms?

One of the most common questions about jungle wallpaper is whether it suits children's rooms. The answer is a resounding yes! It's one of the best choices to stimulate your little ones' imagination and curiosity.

A well-chosen jungle wallpaper can transform a plain room into a vibrant, engaging space. It can provide a backdrop for countless stories and adventures, sparking creativity and promoting learning. Children are naturally drawn to animals and nature; a jungle-themed room can help nurture this fascination.

Moreover, jungle wallpaper is not just visually appealing, but it also offers various educational opportunities. It can introduce kids to different species of animals and plants, teaching them about biodiversity and the importance of preserving our environment. As a bonus, many jungle wallpapers are made with eco-friendly materials, reinforcing this message.

What are the Current Trends in Jungle Wallpaper Designs?


In the world of interior design, jungle themed latest wallpaper continues to be a hot trend. The latest designs blend the classic and the contemporary, creating a unique balance between the traditional and the modern.

One of the most popular trends is using bold, oversized prints. These designs feature large-scale depictions of jungle flora and fauna, creating a powerful visual impact. They are perfect for making a statement and adding a touch of drama to any room.

Another trend is the use of softer, more subtle designs. These wallpapers feature delicate line art and pastel tones, creating a soothing, dreamy ambience. They are ideal for creating a serene, relaxing space.

Animal print wall design is another trend to look out for. These designs incorporate various animal motifs, from the majestic tiger to the playful monkey. They add a whimsy and fun to the room, making it livelier and engaging.

Finally, green jungle wallpaper is a trend that always stays in style. The refreshing, calming hue of green can bring a touch of the outdoors inside, creating a natural, serene environment. It's a perfect choice for those seeking a restful, rejuvenating space.

What is the material used in the cartoon jungle wallpaper?

Most manufacturers option for vinyl when it comes to the material used in the production of cartoon jungle wallpaper. Vinyl is a durable and flexible material known for its ability to withstand moisture, making it suitable for use in rooms with varying humidity levels. It is also resistant to damage, which means it can withstand the high-energy play of children without tearing or peeling off.

Another popular material for jungle murals is non-woven fabric. This material is an excellent choice for those looking for eco-friendly options. Non-woven wallpapers are breathable, which means they prevent the build-up of mould and mildew on your walls. They are also tear-resistant and easy to hang, making them a practical choice for your children's room decor.

Lastly, you may also come across jungle wallpapers made from paper. While not as durable as vinyl or non-woven fabric, paper wallpapers offer a cost-effective, easy-to-apply solution. They are lightweight and available in various designs, perfect for experimenting with different styles.

Is the wallpaper easy to apply and remove?

One of the concerns many have when considering wallpaper as a part of their children room decor is the ease of application and removal. After all, children's tastes change rapidly, and you want to avoid being stuck with a challenging and time-consuming process. The good news is, many jungle murals come as self adhesive wallpaper, making them incredibly easy to apply and remove.

Self adhesive wallpapers are pre-pasted, so you don't need to worry about applying additional adhesive. They stick directly onto the wall without creating any mess. The application is simply peeling off the backing and carefully placing the wallpaper onto the wall.

Removing self adhesive wallpaper is just as simple. Most models can be peeled off without leaving any residue behind. Some may require a little heat (from a hairdryer, for example) to loosen the adhesive, but overall, the process is straightforward and hassle-free.

Is the jungle wallpaper safe for use in children's rooms?

Safety is paramount when it comes to choosing any element of children room decor. Luckily, most jungle wallpapers are designed with safety in mind. They are typically free from harmful chemicals and solvents and are printed using water-based inks. This ensures they don't release toxic fumes or odours that could affect your child's health.

Furthermore, many jungle wallpapers are fire-resistant. While no wallpaper can completely stop a fire from spreading, fire-resistant wallpapers can significantly slow its progression, giving you precious extra time to get your family to safety.

Finally, the print quality of jungle murals is usually high, ensuring no sharp edges or small parts could pose a choking hazard. This makes jungle wallpapers a safe and fun choice for your child's room.

Are there any special instructions for jungle wallpaper maintenance?

The Maintenance of jungle wallpaper is relatively straightforward. Most types can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and mild soap. It's important to avoid abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the wallpaper's surface and affect its colours.

Consider choosing a washable or scrubbable jungle wallpaper for wallpapers in high-traffic areas or places prone to staining, such as a child's room. These types can withstand more vigorous cleaning and are resistant to common stains, making them a practical choice for children room decor.

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Jungle Wallpaper: A Fresh Approach

Jungle-themed wallpaper offers a unique and vivid way to refresh your home's interior. Unlike traditional designs, jungle motifs add a lively and natural touch to any room, making it more inviting and dynamic. This approach efficiently creates an engaging atmosphere in living spaces and bedrooms.

Maximizing Small Spaces with Jungle Imagery

For smaller rooms, jungle wall murals can create an illusion of depth and space. Option for designs with larger leaves and fewer colours to avoid overwhelming the room. This technique helps balance the jungle theme's vibrancy and the need for a spacious feel in compact areas.

Harmonizing with Home Decor

Consider the existing decor and colour schemes when integrating jungle wallpaper into your home. Wallpaper with green hues works well with wooden furniture and natural fabrics, creating a cohesive and organic aesthetic. For a more modern look, combine monochromatic jungle patterns with contemporary furniture.

Creating a Focal Point

Jungle wallpaper can serve as an excellent focal point in any room. Choose one wall for a bold jungle print and keep the surrounding walls in neutral tones. This strategy draws the eye and adds a dynamic element to the space without overwhelming it.

Tips for Longevity and Maintenance

Choose high-quality, washable wallpapers to ensure your jungle wall decoration remains as vibrant as the day it was installed. These are more resistant to wear and tear and can be easily cleaned, making them ideal for high-traffic areas or children's rooms.

Eco-Friendly Options

Environmentally conscious homeowners can opt for jungle wallpapers made from sustainable materials. Many brands now offer eco-friendly options that are beautiful and kind to the planet. These wallpapers bring the beauty of the jungle into your home and align with a green lifestyle.

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